Reading takes the reader on a wonderful adventure, opening up a world of possibilities. Writing maps out the adventure and creates the possibilities.

I have been asked numerous questions about how I write my stories. To be completely honest my creative process varies. There have been times when a certain word spoken has inspired a story title, then with nothing but the title I start writing, completely unsure how the story will unfold. Sometimes I have the moral and the story takes shape around that. I have tried planning a story before I write it, but have found that the story never sticks to plan, it goes where it is meant to.

Many times I begin to write the story and feel confident I know exactly which direction it is heading but by the time I write the last word I am completely surprised by the unexpected turn it took. In my experience I have found that there isn’t a right or wrong method to writing a story. It is after all a creative process. Each story needs to be allowed to develop at its own pace, in a way that allows the story to take over and come to life.

While I am writing I prefer not to focus on the word count because doing that would limit the creative freedom the story needs to reach its full potential and truly shine. That does not mean that I ignore the word count entirely, I give it attention during the editing process. Generally, I only write when inspired. Once I have a story idea then I eagerly start writing and watch the story take shape. There are times when I am writing every day and then they are times when I am not writing at all. Personally, I have found the important thing is not to try and force a story. This is not to say that I haven’t tried, but I find doing so to be counterproductive because without the inspiration the result is never any good and that is very demotivating.

Mostly I write stories with morals or at the very least, stories that highlight a positive behavioural trait but there are certainly times that I am inspired to write a fantasy or humorous story. I love writing, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, reminds me that anything is possible and it makes me feel good.

I really enjoy reading my stories to little ones, the way they react and respond brings me so much joy. There is no greater therapy than a hug from a child. I am so privileged to write for children.

My advice to aspiring writers is to find what works for you. 

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