So often our lives bounce from one extreme to the other. We can go from feeling utterly invisible to wishing we were invisible.


Have you felt invisible?

Feeling like you are utterly insignificant. It’s not a good feeling to feel like your efforts go unnoticed, or that your presence makes no impact or impression whatsoever.


Have you wished you were invisible?

Perhaps at times when you have felt rejected or embarrassed, you wanted to just disappear. Feelings of inadequacy can sometimes make us want to go unnoticed. There may have been times when you wanted to be invisible because you felt like you could get away with things or you believed it would make you special.


You will never be invisible!

Have you noticed that neither feeling invisible nor wanting to be invisible make you feel good? This is because you were not created to be invisible.


The simple truth is you can never be invisible. Not when you feel like you are or when you wish you could be. The reason for this is because you matter. Even if you can’t see or perceive it, you matter! Not even others treating you like you don’t matter can make you matter any less. You matter! Nothing can change that.


You might not be the best at some things, but you don’t need to be. You are unique, one of a kind, with your own strengths and weaknesses. You have a purpose and whether you believe or not, you are special!


Children often struggle with feelings of inadequacy. They are still discovering their strengths and weaknesses. They long to be special, not realizing they already are. Children can easily get caught in the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ mind-set.


I wrote the “Invisi-bull” book to demonstrate to children that the grass is not always greener on the other side.


Illustration from “Invisi-bull” written by Jacqui Shepherd, Illustrated by Dana Espag.


Delightful, Max the bull, is the main character in this engaging story with captivating illustrations that all work together to show children that they really don’t need to change who they are to be special. The story encourages children to be themselves, in a fun yet meaningful way, which children can relate to. It also highlights a very special power they all already have.


Playing with words is part of the fun and in this book the words ‘invisible’ and ‘bull’ have been put together to make a playful word ‘invisi-bull’ – which means a bull that is invisible.


The “Invisi-bull” book is available from Amazon and all other leading online retailers. Join Max, the young bull, on his fun-filled farm adventure.


I sincerely hope that the “Invisi-bull” story will help children to accept and be happy with who they are.


“I’m special just the way I am.” – Max the bull (Invisi-bull).


Invisi-bull by Jacqui Shepherd

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“Today you are You, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

– Dr. Seuss


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