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How did I become a children’s author?

This blog post is about how my career as a children’s author began. It is my testimony. I always dreamt of being a mom. When doctors told me I could not have children and that my only option was to adopt, I was heartbroken. I definitely considered adoption but I...

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Freely forgive!

We all have the ability to forgive but there are times when we wilfully choose to either delay, or deny forgiveness. Sometimes we feel that the wounds inflicted upon us are so severe that they have left us too weak to muster up the strength required to forgive. We...

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Mind your manners!

“Manners cost nothing.” — Anonymous The topic of manners has become a rather controversial one with varying opinions. Do you think manners are important? I certainly do. In years gone by good manners were as much a part of a child’s upbringing as learning to walk and...

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Do unto others

“In everything, treat others as you would want them to treat you, for this fulfills the law and the prophets.” Matthew 7:12. I think we are generally all quick to take umbrage when someone doesn’t treat us with respect, acts impatiently or is unkind towards us. More...

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Perfectly made for your purpose!

“Nothing will divert me from my purpose.” — Abraham Lincoln. Each and every one of us has a purpose. Scripture confirms it through this verse, “For I know the plans I have you.” Jeremiah 29:11. If the Lord has plans for our lives that means, not only are we not born...

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Seeds of love

When and why did I start writing children’s stories? I started creating stories about 23 years ago, to entertain my children when they were little. When and why did I decide to carry on writing children’s stories? After all my children had grown up and left home, I...

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Featured Books


These stories aim to entertain, encourage and empower. They include lessons such as the importance of forgiveness, good manners, patience, gratitude, self-acceptance, learning from mistakes and much, much more. I created them as series but each book is a stand-alone story, and can be bought separately. Don’t miss out, get them all!

Ozzy the octopus

Ozzy the octopus is an entertaining story about making mistakes.

Tagu the turtle

Tagu the turtle is an entertaining story about being good to your friends.


Dis-cow-very is about Molly the cow who wants to leave the farm she lives on to go exploring and discover things. 


For-goat-ten is about Roxi the goat who thinks she has been left behind and forgotten. 

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