People tend to talk a lot about how moms and daughters are best friends.
It’s definitely true but one should never underestimate the bond between a mother and son.

Allow me to share with you my first experience as mother of the groom.

The wedding in question is that of my firstborn, my son, Danny. He is my sunshine.

Danny and my daughter-in-law, Megan, spared no expense to make their wedding day unforgettable, not only for themselves, but for everyone in attendance.


Wedding Day


Pre ceremony preparations

It’s true that a mom doesn’t get to get to enjoy the pre wedding build up with her son, that’s a dad’s place after all. As mother of the groom, I was by no means excluded. My beautiful daughter-in-law invited me to get ready with her.
I had my hair and make-up professionally done and I got to have some pyjama photos with the bride.
I was honestly treated with so much love and respect.
Once I was dressed and ready, I was taken to my son to have some pre wedding mother and son photos.
Seeing him looking so dashing on his wedding day was a very emotional and special moment.

Seeing the groom for the first time on his wedding day

I also had the chance to pray with him. Words cannot aptly describe how much that meant to me.

The ceremony

The chapel was magnificent. It was completely open behind the bride and groom and the view of the mountains was truly majestic.
When Megan walked down the aisle her beauty was mesmerizing. She had us all in tears, especially her groom.
When they were pronounced husband and wife and had their first kiss, they beamed with joy. A 9 year courtship had finally brought them to that moment, where their dream was finally fulfilled.

The chapel

Photo time

After the ceremony, officially a daughter richer, there were more mother and son photos. And of course there were son, daughter-in-law and mom photos as well as daughter-in-law in law and mother-in-law photos. There were loads and loads of different photos and I got to be a part of so many of them.



The scenic setting was almost out shadowed by the amazing spread.
The eats were first class. This was when Danny and Megan chose to cut their cake, which was not only beautiful but delicious too. I loved the decorative donuts and accompanying donut tower. Classy, delicious and fun.

The wedding cake


The reception hall looked incredible. The cosy lit fireplaces not only added to the ambience but also provided some much needed warmth. We were served an exceptional 3 course meal. Fine dining at its best!
My son-in-law, Edward, was a top notch Master of Ceremony. My youngest son, Lance delivered the best man speech which was a definite highlight – humour and emotional sentiment that not only touched my heart, but made me very proud as well.
Nothing says, “Job well done Mom” like the bond between siblings.

The groom’s speech was perfect and instead of doing the traditional toast to the parents he had Herman Kleinhans sing his hit song, “Dankie”. (Dankie means thank you.)
It was an unforgettable tribute to the parents. While the beautiful words were being sung and tears were flowing down my cheeks, Danny and Megan went to each of the parents to say thank you and to give a hug and kiss.
It was a very special moment. That song will forever have significance for me.

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better or more emotional for that matter, Danny and Megan proved me wrong.
Together they had decided that instead of having the traditional Father and daughter dance there would be a mother and son dance.


Mother and son dance

The Master of Ceremony announced the mother and son dance and Danny walked over to me, took my hand and led me to the dance floor. Not only was he honouring me with this precious mother and son dance but he had very purposefully selected a special song and learnt the words.
So as we danced to, Sugarland’sMother”, Danny sang every word to me. Just for me, so only I could hear. I tried very hard to keep my resolve but the beautiful words of the song, his tribute to me, his love for me and my love for him was too much not to cry.
Of course these were tears of joy, pride and gratitude.
That mother and son dance was truly one of the best experiences of my life.
Definitely unforgettable!
I just have to take this opportunity to thank my son and daughter-in-law for the greatest gift.
Thank you, Danny and Megan for loving me the way you do.
Danny there aren’t words enough to let you know how much that mother and son dance meant to me. You are my sunshine my son. I love you beyond measure.

An emotional end to the mother and son dance

Bride and groom first dance

Danny and Megan’s first dance as husband and wife was really moving.
Although all the guests stood around them with sparklers. The real sparkle was their love for one another. It really shone.



After an incredible celebration it was time to say goodnight. I went to sleep with a very happy heart.

So, my experience as mother of the groom was wonderful. I wish I could push rewind and do it all over again.

The 14th August 2021 was truly a blessed day from start to finish. I am a beautiful daughter richer and I love her dearly.

Bride and groom

Danny and Megan

At present

Danny and Megan are loving married life and are getting ready to welcome their first child into the world. Little baby Daniel Herman is due in May 2022.


Side note

My children are my best friends and remain my inspiration for my stories.

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


Grateful and blessed.

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