“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu.

To hope is really to expect. When we experience difficult times, hope is what gets us through. It is hope that carries us through disappointments, challenges, heartache and failure. To hope is to actively expect what it is that you need. We all go through trying times but hope is what sustains us and prevents us from giving up.

Have you noticed that even during the really good times we still hold on to hope? We find ourselves hoping that the good times will last and, in some cases, even that the good will lead to better and perhaps even best. The presence of hope does not prevent difficulties and hardships, loss and pain, sadness and anger, but it does ensure that we will be better equipped to weather life’s storms with resilience. Hope empowers us to look beyond our circumstances and see a brighter tomorrow. Sometimes hope enables us to identify a solution to what seemed like an unsolvable problem.

There are so many benefits to adopting a hopeful attitude. With hope as our constant companion we can lead less stressful and much happier lives. I cannot imagine a day without hope. Without hope we would be lost. Hope provides direction and strength.

When we tap into the power of hope we place ourselves in a position where we are able to overcome, and where anything is possible. Hopeful people are kinder, nicer people to be around. They are in control of their circumstances instead of allowing their circumstances to control them. I cannot overstate the importance of hope.

Children need hope just as much as adults do. However hope is a very difficult concept for children to understand. It is for this reason that I wrote the Hope-frog-ly book. Hope-frog-ly is about Benny, a loveable frog who is always hopeful no matter how bad things are.

The story is delightfully entertaining and introduces the concept of hope in a way that children can relate to. It not only explains what hope is and why we need it, but it also teaches children how to hope. The word play adds an element of fun and the adorable frog characters and vibrant illustrations by Dana Espag bring the story to life. Hope-frog-ly might be a children’s book but I believe that people of all ages can benefit from this fun and uplifting story. I encourage everyone reading this article never to lose hope. Come what may, hope will see you through.

Order your copy of Hope-frog-ly today. I hope you will!

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