Book summary:

Goo on my shoe is about a young boy finds some sort of goo under one of his brand new shoes.

Producing this book was a journey of firsts for me. My first story written in rhyme, first project in collaboration with the very talented illustrator SKlakina, first self-published book, first eBook and the first book I have produced using Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

There were a lot of stops and starts. The road was not all smooth, in fact it was unpleasantly bumpy in places. Not having all the technical skills and experience I needed for self-publishing and book formatting etc. was extremely challenging. I read tons of articles, full of technical terms that I couldn’t make head or tail of. It was really very frustrating. I then resorted to watching video tutorials some of which were helpful and some were not. It really was a case of 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Doing things for the first time can be challenging and daunting. I have to admit I was tempted to give up several times but it just isn’t in my nature to do so. My ‘Jojo’s journey’ book is about not giving up and that story was a constant reminder to me that if I kept pushing forward I would achieve my goal.

Getting the right person to partner with me in producing this book took a lot of time and several disappointments. Looking back I can now see that everything worked out exactly the way it was meant to. Every delay and disappointment led me to bucking up the courage to approach an illustrator whose work I had admired for quite some time. From that point on things started to fall into place. I finally had someone who understood my vision for this book. Someone who had the technical skills that I lacked.

SKlakina’s skill, professionalism and talent, along with her friendly and helpful demeanour made working with her not only a pleasure but an absolute privilege. Her delightful illustrations have really brought my story to life.

I have to say that I found writing in rhyme to be exceptionally challenging but also a lot of fun. I am honestly very proud of this little story. At long last, I can finally say that my NEW book, Goo on my shoe is fully completed, published and ready for you to enjoy. It is available on Amazon in both Kindle (eBook) and paperback formats. Get your copy now.

Book description:

After a young boy finds some sort of goo under one of his brand new shoes, he gets straight to work to get rid of the goo. Is it a case of ‘mission impossible’ or will he succeed in getting rid of the unwelcome goo?

Find out in this wonderfully entertaining, feel-good, story that is filled with funny rhymes and delightful illustrations. This story begs to be read out loud. If you are looking for a book to make you smile or perhaps even giggle, then this is the one. A fun story to be enjoyed by all ages, anywhere, anytime.

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