Too often I have seen children storm off the sports field or tear up their precious artwork in tears of frustration. Children sometimes put unrealistic pressure on themselves.

Often a fear of not being the best, or even not being good enough stops them from even trying. Children need to understand that we all have different talents and strengths. Unfortunately even in the things that they have a natural flair for there can be someone who outperforms them. For the development of happy, healthy, well-adjusted individuals, it is crucial for children to be taught that their best is always good enough.

It is also important for children to not only be able to celebrate their strengths but also to be able to celebrate the strengths of others. If a child gives their all at something and does their very best, whether they are first or last their effort should be commended. This positive reinforcement helps children to accept that when they have given their best they can feel proud of their efforts regardless of the outcome.

When a child is smiling when they are first at something and last at something then this vital truth has not only been accepted and understood, but has taken root in their hearts and become a part of them.

I wrote the Fatima the fly book to help children to understand this truth. The fun and entertaining story highlights that you don’t always have to be the best, you only have to do your best. The loveable characters help to convey this lesson on a level that children can both understand and enjoy. Your best is always good enough! 

Your best is always good enough! 

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