My husband and I often reminisce about our childhood days. Things were very different then. In those days we used to walk wherever we needed to. If where we wanted to go was too far then we took the bus. Those were the days of evening window shopping with the family, drive-ins, roadhouse restaurants (drive-in). Writing letters and posting them with a stamp, telegrams, black and white television and compulsory Sunday afternoon naps were the norm. It was undoubtedly a simpler time that enjoyed a much slower pace of life.

Something that I distinctly remember was walking around at night with no adult supervision and feeling completely safe. I’m not saying there were no dangers back then but I am saying we had far more freedom, with a lot less dangers to worry about compared with children today.

I’m sure every generation has their share of dangers to deal with. However, it feels as if the more we advance, and the faster our pace of life becomes, the more dangers we expose ourselves to. The advancements in the medical field since I was a child are staggering. Surgeries and treatments that were unheard of are now being performed on a daily basis. The irony is we have far more diseases, illnesses and viruses then we had back then.

Cell phones and the internet have brought not only convenience but also danger. We now have to worry about things like radiation and being “hacked”. We worry what are our children being exposed to through mediums of media such as television, movies, music, video games and social media? Drugs are everywhere, drunk driving, violence and abductions are continually on the rise.

As if keeping out of harm’s way hasn’t become challenging enough, we now have global pandemics being added to the mix. Covid-19 subjected us to challenges we never imagined possible. Things such as contact sports, live entertainment, dining out at a restaurant, among other things were no longer allowed. We have been forced to practice social distancing, to curb the spread of the virus and to prevent us from contracting the virus.

Keeping our children safe has never been more challenging. For this reason we need to educate our children about the various dangers. It is imperative that they know what to avoid and how to stay safe.

Teach children about safety with the “Dabi the dolphin” story.

I wrote the “Dabi the dolphin” book to show children the importance of safety. The delightful Dabi the dolphin character, engaging story and captivating illustrations all work together to show children why they need to be aware of their surroundings. It also points out the importance of safety in a fun, yet meaningful way that children can relate to and learn from.

“For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind” – Eleanor Everet.

The “Dabi the dolphin” book is available from Amazon and all other leading online retailers. Take a dive into this delightful book and join Dabi, the young dolphin, on her deep-sea adventure.

I sincerely hope that the “Dabi the dolphin” story will encourage children to always be aware of their surroundings and motivate them to put safety first.

“Safety comes first!” – Dabi the dolphin.

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