“Nothing will divert me from my purpose.” — Abraham Lincoln.

Each and every one of us has a purpose. Scripture confirms it through this verse, “For I know the plans I have you.” Jeremiah 29:11. If the Lord has plans for our lives that means, not only are we not born by mistake, but that we all have a purpose.

Knowing we have a purpose and knowing what that purpose is are two very different things. Sometimes we get so distracted by what we think we should be doing that we fail to see what we were truly created for. Being unsure of your purpose often leads to discontent. This is particularly a problem for young children who are still identifying their strengths and weaknesses and who haven’t yet found their purpose. This could lead them to place pressure on themselves to do or become something they were never meant to be.

Children are not only drawn to and admire people who are seen to be fulfilling their purpose; but they often try to mimic that purpose instead of searching for their own. It is so important for children to understand that we have all been created as unique individuals. Each of us special, in his/her own way. The way we look, speak, move, learn, interact and the talents we have all work together to enable us to fulfil our specific purpose.

Children need to be encouraged to accept themselves and to be comfortable with who they are. They also need help and guidance to identify and establish their strengths, and to discover their purpose. For all of us, whether child or adult, to fulfil our purpose we must first identify what our purpose is. Once we identify and acknowledge it, we need to accept and embrace it, so that we can passionately pursue it, in order to ultimately fulfil it.

Finding our purpose does not mean we won’t experience challenges and difficulties but it will most definitely give us direction and a sense of fulfilment, making our lives a great adventure.

I wrote the ‘Enor-mouse’ book to show children that everyone has a purpose. The story helps children to understand that everything about them, their appearance, personality, talents etc. are exactly as they should be in order for them to fulfil their purpose in life. The story also subtly highlights self-acceptance. Joe the enormous mouse motivates children to accept themselves and to find and pursue their purpose.

Playing with words is part of the fun and in this book the words ‘enormous’ and ‘mouse’ have been put together to make a playful word ‘enor-mouse’ – which means a mouse that is very, very, big.

“You have a purpose in life. We all do. And if you stop wasting time wanting what you can’t have, you just might find it.” – Tiny Tom (Enor-mouse).

Get your copy of ‘Enor-mouse’ from Amazon and various other leading online retailers. I hope the story will not only entertain, encourage and empower children but that it will leave them with smiling faces and happy hearts.

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