“All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.” – Chris Hart

I am always surprised by the power of a sincere smile. When I am feeling down and someone smiles at me, I instantly feel better. Have you experienced that? That simple smile communicates volumes. It shines light in the darkness, it encourages and uplifts. Interestingly enough the smile need not be from a friend or loved one, a smile from a complete stranger has the same exact affect. Pretty incredible, wouldn’t you say? More often than not, seeing someone else smile causes us to offer one in return. Just as sincere laughter is contagious, so is a warm, friendly smile.

The moment we smile no matter whether it is a small smile or a great big grin, it is an instant pick me up. To smile is a precious gift for ourselves and for everyone around us. Smiling makes us look and feel good. It draws people to us. It energizes and makes us feel positive and it has a ripple effect that impacts everyone around us. An added benefit of a smile is that it brings peace. If you are experiencing troubles, anxiety or even anger, a smile has a rather miraculous way of bringing and restoring peace to your soul. “Peace begins with a smile.”– Mother Teresa.

Most of the benefits of a smile can only be felt and experienced but the way a smile affects your appearance can be clearly seen and is definitely undeniable. You can have the most amazing outfit on, have you hair glamorously styled and be looking absolutely gorgeous but without a smile your true beauty, that beauty that comes from your very soul will not shine through. However, the moment you add a smile to the mix, the beauty that nothing handmade can compare to, transforms gorgeous to masterpiece. The minute you wear your smile it is like the unveiling of a Rembrandt. There really is no better accessory than a smile. I have to agree with this well-known Connie Stevens quote, “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.”

A smile is also an accepted and affectionate form of greeting. A greeting that crosses all language and cultural barriers, one that is universally understood. Mother Teresa put it perfectly when she said, “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

A smile can communicate love, kindness, compassion, caring, understanding, encouragement, admiration and approval among other things. Take a moment to think about that. You should never underestimate the importance and power of a smile. By smiling you can improve your mood, your appearance and most certainly your day, and whether deliberately or not your smile can make someone else’s day. The benefits of a smile are so vast and so far reaching that it really doesn’t make sense not to smile.

I wrote the ‘Hap-pig-ness’ book to help children understand the importance and benefits of a smile. Playing with words is part of the fun, the words ‘happiness’ and ‘pig’ have been put together to make a playful word ‘hap-pig-ness’– which means the happiness that a pig feels. The adorable Mia, the piglet, character and full-colour illustrations by Tanja Dunstan are sure to delight little ones. ‘Hap-pig-ness’ is an entertaining and engaging story that I certainly hope will get everyone smiling.

The ‘Hap-pig-ness’ book is available from Amazon and various other online retailers. If you enjoy the story please show your support by reviewing it.

Any blog or book related feedback and questions are most welcome. I would love to hear from you. I would also love to receive photographs of smiling children enjoying this feel good story.  Make story time a special time and remember to keep smiling!

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