“Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear.” – Bruce Lee.

Fear is a necessary emotion. Our instinctual fear of dangerous things and situations, ensures that we steer clear of them, thereby avoiding harm. A sparking electrical wire, a spider, wild animal, thunderstorm, suspicious looking person or even some mouldy food all register in our minds as a dangerous threat to our safety. When our safety is threatened in any way, shape or form, it evokes a feeling of fear. Our ability to feel fear helps to keep us safe. Fear is an important part of our survival tool kit. We should therefore not strive to eliminate fear but rather master how we react to it.

Many people believe that here is nothing to fear but fear itself. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who made this expression famous in his 1933 inaugural address, when he stated that it was his firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I believe that what was meant by this statement, is that fear itself can be more harmful to us than the actual threat, if we give it the power.

Fear serves as the warning, but a warning without action is useless. In order to act in the face of fear we need courage. If seeing a suspicious looking person evokes fear and you don’t act quickly the consequences could be dire. You need to act to eliminate the threat. It takes courage to act. Courage is not possible if you allow fear to take over. Fear cannot be productive without action. In fact without action fear is very definitely counterproductive. Fear can be a very crippling emotion making it more harmful to you than the threat itself.

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” – Winston Churchill.
Courage does not eliminate the presence of fear but it gives you the strength and boldness to act. We all have courage, how and when we use it is up to us. The more we tap into our ‘courage’ resource the more confident we became in utilizing it. Practice makes perfect. By purposefully practicing acts of courage you will find that fear cannot take control, you are the one in control.

Fear is not limited to physically threatening situations, there are many kinds of fear. You can be afraid of joining in social activities because of a fear of being rejected. You may have a fear of public speaking because you are afraid of being ridiculed. You could even fear trying to do something because you are afraid of failure. Whether our fears are founded or unfounded we register them as very real and our bodies and minds react accordingly. Courage is always available to us, regardless of what kind of fear we are faced with. We decide what we give control to and with it power, will it be fear or our courage?

Very seldom do you hear of success stories about meek and cowardly people. I am sure you are familiar with the phrase, fortune favours the bold. It originates from the Latin proverb ‘Fortuna Eruditis Favet’. A common translation is fortune favours the brave. To succeed in life we need to act in the face of fear, we need to push on and overcome. We need to be courageous not only to survive but also to succeed.

As children grow, learn and discover they cannot escape experiencing fear. They fear being separated from their mothers, unfamiliar people and situations, getting hurt, the dark and so many other things. Fear can be a very unsettling and debilitating emotion, especially for little ones. I wrote the ‘Fear-foal’ book to help children understand everybody feels fear. Children need to know that fear is normal and that they don’t need to be ashamed of their fear.

Twitch the baby donkey (foal), shows children that it is good to talk about their fear. This fun and entertaining story helps children to understand the concept of courage. It shows that courage comes from inside you and the more you use it the braver you will become. Vibrant illustrations by Dana Espag really bring the story to life. Playing with words is part of the fun and in this book the words ‘fear’ and ‘foal’ have been put together to make a playful word ‘fear-foal’ – which means a foal (baby donkey) that is full of fear .

This story has a meaningful message and will benefit children of all ages. Please show your support and order your copy of Fear-foal today. Available from Amazon and various other leading online retailers. I hope this book will encourage little ones to be courageous.

Please feel free to share with me if and how this story impacted a little life. Reviews, feedback and questions are most welcome. I would love to hear from you. Happy reading!

“Courage comes from inside you. It is already there. And when you are ready, you will find yours. Then you will always have it.” – Twitch’s mother (Fear-foal).

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