Allow me to introduce to you my new book, Superpower: IMAGINATION. A Book with Pictures Only You Can See, and to tell you a little bit about the story and why I wrote it.

A love of reading, fond childhood memories and a heart for children is what birthed the idea and inspiration for this story.

Children today have technology at the forefront of their lives but unfortunately this more often than not results in children not being excited by reading. Reading is such a crucial part of childhood development. It not only increases a child’s vocabulary and spelling but it also improves their concentration and memory. Reading exercises the brain and boosts critical thinking skills. It also improves communication skills and confidence. Reading is relaxing and entertaining. It broadens a child’s horizons and it develops their imagination.

I cannot imagine what my childhood would have been like without reading. I absolutely loved getting lost in a good book. Inside the covers of a book I met delightful characters and travelled to wonderful places. Armed with a good story and the power of my imagination the possibilities where endless. I loved setting the scene and creating the characters in my mind. I could see things any way I wanted. I could add to the physical description of the characters, I could develop them and fill them out. As I could with every scene, action and detail in the book. The story text was the outline and my imagination coloured it in and added the finer details. When I opened a book my mind was switched on like a television and what it was able to create was truly amazing and magnificent. I felt sad when a book ended. I wondered what the future held for the characters who by the final pages felt like close friends. So I would use my imagination to imagine more to their stories until I felt a sense of closure and was ready to let go and move on to my next book.

I desperately want children all over the world to experience the wonderful gift that reading gave me. I want their imaginations to take flight and soar as they journey through the pages of one book after the other. I really want children today to know the joy of reading and to discover the power of their imaginations.

I honestly hope that my new book will help to make this possible.
Superpower: IMAGINATION. A Book with Pictures Only You Can See.
Are you intrigued by the title? I hope so.
I’m sure you are wondering, how is it possible for this book to have pictures that only you can see? The answer is simple, it is because you create the pictures with your imagination. Nobody else can see what you are picturing. The book is designed in a way that allows every reader or listener the freedom to experience the adventure exactly the way they want to. So everyone gets to choose for themselves. That’s the beauty of this very special book, aimed at helping children discover and develop their wonderful imaginations. The words give the outline, but the reader or listener colours it in by creating the pictures with their imaginations. They can add vivid details and make this fantastic, individually unique, imagination adventure anything they want it to be. It is an interactive adventure that both children and parents can enjoy. Children will love the creative freedom this book offers and parents will find themselves reconnecting with their inner child. This book offers a wonderful and unique way to develop and inspire creativity through the use of the imagination. Travel through its pages into the wonderful world of make-believe.

When you open this book, you open the door to your imagination. Every time you read it you can imagine things differently.

When we pair a book with our imagination, we have the makings of something extraordinary. Reading inspires and motivates. I sincerely hope that this book will not only motivate and inspire children to read more and to develop their imaginations but that it will also increase their confidence and spur them on to achieve their full potential in every area of their precious lives.

Get your copy of Superpower: IMAGINATION. A Book with Pictures Only You Can See today!

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Keep reading and keep imagining! 

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