I had my four amazing children in the short space of three years. The first, my son Danny, was born in 1995; my fraternal twin daughters, Jaclyn and Kristen, were born in 1996; and my younger son, Lance, was born in 1998. To say I had my hands full is a gross understatement!

During this hectic yet wonderful time, I never seemed to have a spare hand to hold a book. A love of reading, a well-developed imagination and immeasurable love for my children were the makings of something very special – I started to make up my own stories. I watched the delight on my children’s faces as these stories entertained them while at the same time teaching them valuable lessons. Sadly, I did not write all of those stories down. However, during this time I created one story especially for each child, and these I did write down. The children all knew which story was their story and each of them was thrilled at the idea of having their own special story.

How I became a children’s author

Motherhood has always been my first love, my greatest passion and my greatest joy. I was a full-time mother until all of my children left home to pursue their own dreams. Empty nest syndrome is no myth and no laughing matter. That longing for my children was what motivated me to look for the four stories I wrote for them when they were little. After finding the four stories that started it all, and with a lot more time on my hands, I began writing some more, and I signed my first publishing contract in 2015. Since then I have had 40 books published. So which of the 40 titles were the original four, the four that started it all?

1. Eddie gets a fright! written for my son Danny.

2. The rabbit and the fox written for my daughter Jaclyn.

3.Jojo’s journey written for my daughter Kristen.

4. Wally gets a tummy ache! written for my son Lance.

As the years have passed I have been blessed with a stepdaughter, Lounè, and a stepson, Martin, as well as a nephew, Rhynhard, who my husband, Stephan, and I have raised as our own. Seven incredible children, now all in their twenties, fill our lives and hearts with so much joy. A visit from my children always triggers a new story. They have always been and will always be my inspiration. I consider myself more of a storyteller than a writer. It is a wonderful privilege to create children’s stories that entertain, encourage and empower.

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