“If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again!” – William Edward Hickson.

Mistakes are a part of life. We all make mistakes. Sometimes little ones, sometimes big ones. How we deal with our mistakes is what makes the difference.

I believe a mistake should be seen as a stepping stone towards success. That can only happen if we learn from our mistake. To keep making the same mistake over and over again is very frustrating and a complete waste of time. You might think a repeated mistake means that you do not have the ability to get it right, but that is not true. All it means is that you did not take the time to examine why your first attempt did not succeed.

When you pay attention to what you did wrong it provides the insight you require to get it right. You may not achieve perfection the second, or even the third, time around but as long as you keep focusing on what you are doing wrong, you will continue improving and eventually you will get it right. A mistake is always an opportunity to learn. So if you make a mistake, instead of getting cross or embarrassed, learn from it. Sometimes you are just one mistake away from brilliance. Don’t ever give up, and always believe in yourself. People who are afraid of making a mistake, will be afraid to try things.

Children are often afraid of making a mistake, afraid of being teased or being judged as not good enough. Sadly, if fear of making a mistake stops a child from trying, they will never realise their true potential. It is for this reason that I wrote the book about Ozzy the octopus. Through this fun and entertaining story, Ozzy octopus teaches children that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. The adorable Ozzy the octopus character along with the stunningly beautiful, full-colour illustrations by Matthew Ziranek bring both the undersea world and the story to life. This encouraging story will benefit children of all ages.

Order your copy of Ozzy the octopus from Amazon today, and join young Ozzy on his deep-sea adventure. Happy reading to all!

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